August 20, 2019

Top 6 Gadgets That Might Help You Move Around With Comfort

1. LapStrap

If you’d like to keep things minimal and leave your big, bulky, heavy laptop case behind, LapStrap is an excellent solution. It’s a simple shoulder strap that attaches to your laptop. The LapStrap also solves the awkward moments in airport lines where you struggle to juggle between your other carry-on luggage and taking out your laptop from its conventional case.


2.WiFi Finder Plus

Searching for a WiFi connection can sometimes be a pain in the behind, but Kensington’s WiFi Finder Plus is an ultra-small (key chain size) solution for all your hotspot-seeking woes. It saves you the hassle of turning on your laptop or PDA just to check if there’s a connection nearby that you can access. They throw in a built-in flashlight… just for the heck of it.

WiFi Finder Plus

3. USB Port Blocker

Data theft and introduction of viruses is a prime concern for mobile workers. The USB Port Blockerprevents data thieves from plugging in USB devices to grab your precious data or injecting malware when you’re not looking. So, if you must leave your computer unattended for a brief period of time (or if you’re the type that gets so absorbed with work that you don’t notice your surroundings), this is a nifty device to help you physically block points of entry into your laptop.

USB Port Blocker

4. Solio Solar Charger

Charge up your gear and help the environment at the same time, who can say “no” to that? The Solio Solar Charger is a multi-compatible device charger that uses stored solar energy to charge up your other gizmos. It works with the iPhone, iPod, and most other portable handhelds. A fully charged Solio can charge two standard cell phones, and can charge as fast as any wall chargers (according to the maker).

Solio Classic Solar Charger

5. LinkStation Mini™

The LinkStation Mini – made by Buffalo Technology – is the world’s smallest network-attached server. It allows you to store music, video, photos, documents, and any type of file in a centralized location. It’s easy connect to using the Web Access feature which doesn’t require any desktop application to use (just a web browser).

LinkStation Mini

6. IronKey

The IronKey is a super secure USB flash drive that will keep your data safe should it get stolen. It has an onboard Cryptochip that encrypts data within the IronKey. It has a ton of other features such as giving the user the ability to surf the web privately with its Secure Session Service (and it has Firefox pre-installed so you can run it off the IronKey). It’s also waterproof and very durable to wear-and-tear.


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