August 20, 2019

Top 6 Android Apps That You Should not Miss

1. ScreenCam Screen Recorder

Price: Free

There’s a lot to be said for a free lightweight app that doesn’t throw ads at you, and lets you do exactly what its name suggests. ScreenCam may not have as many options as other Android screen recorders in this list, but it more than deals with the essentials, letting you change video bitrate, recording resolution and the framerate you want to use (up to 60fps).

It’s receiving regular updates too, so has seen the addition of floating widgets that let you quickly control your recordings from any screen. One notable omission at this point is the lack of a Picture-in-picture mode, so you can’t record yourself with the front camera while recording the screen.

2. YouTube Gaming

Price: Free

For those who want to record their screen for uploading to YouTube, particularly if you’re recording games, then this app may be all you need. YouTube Gaming lacks some of the features and raw power of other apps in this list (video resolution is limited to 720p), but its direct integration with YouTube makes it a winner. It doesn’t just record gaming either, and can indeed record specific apps or just mirror your entire Android screen.

The editing features here are quite basic (though you can cut down and add some basic effects to your videos), but familiarity is key here, as YouTube users (which is everyone, right?) will instantly feel at home with the UI. It also tells you how much recording time you have left based on your free phone storage.

3. RecMe Free Screen Recorder

Price: Free

RecMe is one of the few screen recording apps that, when used on a rooted device, can record internal audio as well as video. If you’re not rooted, then you can’t take advantage of the internal audio feature, but you still have plenty to play with on the screen recording front, including up to 60fps 1080p video quality, a front/back camera overlay (for Pro users), and microphone recording.

The UI is nice and friendly – it’s Material Design aesthetic makes it look like it could be an official screen recording app integrated into your phone.

Speaking of which…

4. Google Play Games

Price: Free

If you want to avoid downloading any third-party apps, and particularly if you mainly want to record gaming stuff, then you can just use the official Play Games app on your Android device.

Just open the Play Games app, go to a game’s info page, then tap the “Record” icon aFst the top of the screen. You’ll get options to record in 480p and 720p, so nothing too high-def, but it’s integrated, so we’re not complaining.

To use this feature to record non-gaming stuff, follow the above steps, then just exit the game when it launches. Simple.

5. DU Recorder

Price: Free

We don’t usually point to Play Store reviews to support our case for why we like an app, but given that DU Recorder is one of the best-reviewed apps we’ve ever seen (4.8/5 with 1.15 million reviews), it feels worth mentioning.

Those reviews are well deserved, too, because this is one of the best-quality and most versatile Android screen recorders out there. Using DU, you can record gameplay vids, save them in multiple resolutions and at liquidy frame rates of up to 60fps. You can record your own voice while recording videos, too, and the packed-in editing suite has everything you need to add pizzazz to your video before putting it online, including cutting, music, background images, and filters like blurring and pixelation. Those million or so people weren’t wrong.

6. Mobizen Screen Recorder

Price: Free

Mobizen is deservedly one of the most popular screen recording apps on the Play Store, offering a wealth of features including full HD recording at 60fps. It has a number of tools for pizazzing up your videos after you’ve recorded them, too, such as background music and the option to record yourself doing intro and outro videos. It’s particularly good for gaming, letting you record your sessions at the same time as recording your face reacting to the on-screen action. (Who knows? You may just be the next PewDiePie … God help us all.)

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