August 20, 2019

5 Tips for Choosing Best Smartphone

There are hundreds of mobile phones to pick from. As so many make grand claims about how they’re the best for this, or the highest rated for that, you’d be forgiven for wanting to cut through the noise. We’ve rounded up our top five tips for compiling your shopping shortlist: Price While it’s possible to pick up a phone for a two-figure price, we’d recommend spending at least £100 to help you avoid buying a complete dud. If you just want a phone for simple everyday tasks, such as messaging and web browsing, you can find a few good options for £150-£200 in our guide to the best cheap mobile phones. Spend upwards of £400, and you’ll find phones with vibrant displays, high-end specs and a few more extra features. Size Many of the latest mobile phones have 5.5-inch displays, making them harder to use with one hand. While bigger phones are great for watching films and browsing the web, they aren’t for everyone – some people find them too large and awkward to hold. The best way to find out which handset size is right for you is to try holding a few in a shop. Storage Think about how many apps and photos you’re likely to want on your smartphone. If it’s just a few, you might get away with 16GB storage space or less. But if you like to have several news apps, lots of photos and some streaming apps, such as Spotify and Netflix, it’s worth thinking bigger. An alternative to buying a larger-capacity phone is to make sure you buy one that has a micro-SD card slot – this lets you buy and insert a separate memory card to give you more wiggle room. Operating system This is the software that powers your phone. It shapes what the phone menu looks like and what apps it can run, and impacts how easy the phone is to use. There are three main operating systems to choose from: iOS, Android and Windows. iOS is the operating system used by Apple iPhones and is pretty easy to use, although Apple iPhones are expensive. Many manufacturers use the Android operating system, including Samsung, LG and Sony, and it’s extremely customisable. Features Consider which features you might like. For instance, you might like a fingerprint scanner for fast unlocking of your phone. You might also want a water-resistant phone, especially if you have previous experience of accidentally dropping your phone in the toilet.

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