How to install Android Studio 2019

hi what’s up people. This is alert from disturbance, and today I’m, exhibiting how you can present the Android studio on your PC properly. In any case, you have to present the exe record and thereafter you get the plan for the Android studio, so you have to tap on. 
I agree and okay and next and thereafter it will start the acquainting cycle ensuing with uninstalling measure is done. It goes to the concentrate thing. In the wake of eliminating is done, you have to tap on immediately and now you have to engage your web affiliation, so be sure that you have a working web relationship since you need to download some later. 
If you have any more settled archives, by then you have to tap on the more prepared records decision or you can tap on. I don’t have any records, by then you go into the Android studio. This will take some time dependent upon your PC, so interruption and now click on immediately and thereafter you can see a standard and custom other option. 
You have to tap on stay on. If you need the Android emulator, by then you have to tap on the Android virtual contraption and if not, you can skip it as well and a while later you have to tap on immediately and thereafter it will start the now stacking cycles will give you all the archives that Are being downloaded, and subsequently you can finish so this will depend upon your web speed to download these records after the downloading cycle is done. 
You have to tap on finish now. You have to tap on start on your android adventure. So now you can name your application. I’ll, keep it as my application demo and a short time later you have to pick your base SDK so right as of now I’m keeping it as default. 
You can change this later in the assignment moreover. By and by you can start so tap on next now I am starting on you practices record click on key development. By and by you have to name the activity and a short time later completion hold on for a long time. 
This will make your endeavor. [, Music ] grant the bounty. In case you have firewall takes off now close these tips, this will take some time and if you get any bumbles right now, don’t pressure this bill. Bungles will be handled in on occasion therefore now. 
I have my endeavor here. It is formed hello world. So I’ll change this to Lois Tech, and now you have to run it. So this will instate. The ADB by and by engage the USB investigating in your phone in the designers mode and now interface your phone to the PC you using a smaller than usual USB or USB type-c connect, whatever you have now in the wake of getting that this will see your PC and thereafter on here you can See you can on your phone, you will get a decision. 
You basically need to tap on. Okay, so now your Android certainly will see your Samsung or any device you have. So this is my phone has included 7.0 Nova and some additional reports are to be presented. I am presenting it if you get it, fine, present them, and if you don’t get it wear and # 39. 
T stress, you will know, there is no prerequisite for you to present them. So your mine foundation is done. By and by hold on for a long time and this will truly stack the application, present the application on your PDA and a while later you and thereafter the application will jump up on your phone so people. 
This was an energetic way how you can present the Android studio suitably on your PC, and you can how you can present applications on your contraption additionally, thankful for watching people, since that genuinely causes and do purchase in to our channel for a more prominent measure of such a Videos with the being said this is caviar from Louis checking out
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